Psychic Meditation Tools Review

In this three-hour workshop, you’ll review, practice and bring all of your psychic meditation tools into present time. Whether you took a meditation class five years ago or just last year, you’ve changed. Sometimes when you learn something in the past, the energy of what you learned can get stagnant and not grow with you. Or when you learned it, you might not have been able to have it.

This workshop is geared toward giving you and your tools a cleanout. This class can also be helpful if you’re considering the Clairvoyant Training in January and want to get up-to-date with your information.

Please note: This really is only for graduates of Psychic Meditation. If you’ve never taken the Psychic Meditation class, please start with the full five-week class. This workshop will go extremely fast and only works if you’ve gotten the information already (it’s a review, we’re not teaching the whole concepts in-full since that’s done in the five-week course).

How it Works:

Workshop takes place on Sunday, November 21st from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. PT (with a 15 min break) and is taught by Shannon Swallow

We ask that you be in a quiet space, seated in a chair
(not outside, in a café or car).

The workshop will be recorded and will be available
for sale if you can’t make it.

Prerequisite: Psychic Meditation


11am–2pm PST


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