Fundamentals of Reading Energy

Turn On. Tune In.
Tap Into Your Extraordinary Potential.


What you’ll learn in Level 1

The foundations of turning on your clairvoyant abilities – setting your space, getting into trance, reading energy

The importance of a spiritual ‘hello’

The differences between a reading and healing

How to discern stuck energy versus someone’s truth

How to be more conscious in the body and heal the body through Clairvoyant work

Layers of the aura, their meaning and how to read them

The chakra, their rings and their functions

Spiritual Anatomy that you can work with, enhance and use to support reading energy

How to read the energy of people, places and things with neutrality, non-judgement and non-effort

The importance of being in integrity with yourself and with another person in a reading

How to give a reading without knowing anything or having to ask questions to get validated

How to navigate uncertainty or blocks in a reading

How to clear karma and change your path by working with energy

How to give a Growth Period reading, Aura reading and Past Life reading

And lots, lots more

What you’ll learn in Level 2

How to get your space and clear spirits and energies that want to control a reading

How to be in affinity and alignment with your spirit and purpose

How to tap into your highest creative energy as a healing to body and spirit

An introduction to the other abilities: Telepathy, Clairaudience, Claicognizance, Mediumship

How to visit, read and learn from your Akashic Records and Record Keeper

How to read, reset and update agreements

We’ll move deeper into Spiritual Anatomy that impacts your relationship to your 8th chakra and higher self

How to clear programming that is not aligned to your truth

How to get to, read, heal and reset core pictures that create ongoing behavior patterns

How to work with your Spiritual Family Group

How to read and work with symbols

How to reset yourself and your life to your highest vibration as a being

How to read and clear Spiritual competition

Who is this training for?

The Clairvoyant Training is for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves, learning more about energy and/or learning more about what it means to have the sixth sense abilities turned on. Students come from all walks of life with different types of backgrounds, careers, ages and agendas.

The most common misconception is that you have to already have some experience or experiences with intuition to come to a program like this. Not true! Most of our students are just trying to learn what it means to be open to this part of themselves in the first place.

While you could become a professional reader or healer after a training like this, it’s not the general goal of the program. Rather, we encourage self-discovery, autonomy and curiosity – outside of that, you get to choose where you want to take it!

“Transformational”… is the word that best describes the Clairvoyant Training. Not only have my psychic abilities blossomed but my life has begun to shift into magical directions as well! Shannon and the other facilitators are not only impressive psychics but also amazing teachers!”
How it Works

The year-long training consists of two, five-month levels. Each level consists of 20 classes and 40 labs. There are breaks built into the schedule approximately every 10 weeks. The training takes place live online with an instructor via Zoom. There are several Clairvoyant teachers who teach in the classes and bring their unique experience and expertise to the trainings. 

The weekly lab gives you a space to practice the various reading techniques and is part of the requirement to fully complete and graduate the program. Currently the lab is on Wednesdays from  5:40 – 7:00 p.m. PST, but we will be adding in another lab on Thursdays from 9:40 a.m.-11:00 a.m. PST in January.  Labs are an important part of the training and where you’ll solidify and amplify your ability to see. Please note that the first 20 minutes of each class or lab time is used for meditation and to get your space for class. (This is already built into the lab and class times noted.) 

Each level, starting with Level 1 includes one 30-minute 1-to-1 Energy Check with one of the staff during the semester (there are a rotating group of teachers providing these).

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this training. 

This is not a class on theory; you will be actively learning how to read and heal.

Course Structure

20 Clairvoyant Training Classes 
2 hours each week

 Weekly Labs
One hour per week

60 Hours of Learning Per Level

missed classes are recorded

**REFUND POLICY: On the monthly payment plan, no refunds will be given for the months you have already completed or the month the payment is made if classes for that month have already started. But you will be able to cancel the following months with no penalties or future obligations.


Absolutely! This class is for beginners as well as for people who may have taken classes or trainings in different styles or formats. The core foundation of this training (and especially Level 1) is to learn tools and techniques to tap into your ability to read energy. Once you can do that, you can use it for so many valuable insights in your life.

First of all, we believe everyone has psychic ability. It may be turned off or down, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Ability is the key word. This is something that can be developed over time. This training, coupled with the prerequisite of the Meditation class, is explicitly structured to help you turn on and learn techniques to tap into your intuition and sixth sense abilities and get more certainty with them. Like any skill, it takes practice.

Yes. Attending one lab per week is a mandatory part of this program. The labs are an important part of putting what you learn in class into practice. It’s also where we go into the formats of the Growth Period, Aura and Past Life Readings. They’re fun, active sessions and worth the extra hour every week. If you can’t make the lab times, we ask that you wait until it works for your schedule.

Yes! If you’re looking for a refresh or to deepen your certainty with reading, you’re welcome to participate.

The trainings are taught by a mix of the Clairvoyant staff. This offers students a more well-rounded approach to learning by having access to different styles and viewpoints. There are also several teachers who work in the practice labs and help provide guidance during those sessions as well as give the Energy Checks.

An Energy Check is when a teacher looks at your growth in relationship to Clairvoyant Tools you’re working with in the training. These sessions are meant to be validating to this growth as you learn and expand your abilities throughout the training.
We record each class during the training. Shannon will send you a link to stream and listen to the class if you miss it; please just let her know beforehand.
This class is a wonderful introduction to opening up your sixth sense abilities (clairvoyance, intuition, etc.) and can be lots of fun. But it does put you into lots of new growth. Because of this we ask that if you’re having mental health issues like depression or going through a major life crisis, that you wait until you feel more stable mentally and emotionally before you take on a training like this.

We offer the monthly payment option for that very reason. While you can’t receive a refund for the month you’ve already started, you may cancel the training any time with no future obligation or penalties. 

Once you click on the “Enroll” button,  you will be directed to pay for the first month to hold your spot. After that, you’ll be set up for future payment on the first day of the second month of the training and so on. For example, if you pay on March 8th, 2022 for the April 5th, 2022 training, you will be asked to pay the $400 on March 8th and then the next invoice will be on May 1st, then June 1st, etc (for however many months are in the duration of the training you want to participate in).

Yes, we offer a pre-recorded option for download for the same fee. We highly recommend the live online classes but allow this option if you can’t make it in time. Please reach out to Shannon directly to learn more.

You’ll receive a confirmation email that you’ve paid along with a link to fill out our Student Agreement (this is a requirement to participate in the training). You’ll also receive the Zoom login info for the trainings and labs. Once you’ve signed the Student Agreement, you’re good to go. All you have to do is show up on the first day of the training. You’re welcome to reach out to Shannon at any point with questions or comments.

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