Graduate Trainings

Spiritual Autonomy


The 14-month Spiritual Autonomy training is all about your exploration of self as you continue to differentiate from the group and find your own answers about who you are and what you want in this lifetime.

You’ll focus on the integration of mind, body and spirit and make yourself center in all things. This training is in a one-to-one format with the teacher because it revolves around your solo journey – the beauty in that, the power in that, the essence of you in that.

The only energy you’re matched to in this training is your own. With that, you become your own North Star, allowing for higher levels of manifestation and creation on your life path. 

Training Topics

  • Traveling to the space between lifetimes so you can get free of spiritual controls in this one
  • Learning how to go into a deeper meditative state to be able to work on the core, more highly charged energies in your space
  • Being able to change your path in this lifetime and setting up your life’s journey anew
  • Gaining more of your personal power so that you bring all of your energy to all things
  • Clearing core karmic patterns from past lives that direct and affect this one
  • Setting up your next lifetime, its blueprint, your mockups, and agreements
  • Turning on your ability to create your life at a new level
  • Diving deeper into your spiritual anatomy including the genetic entity, astral body, chakra doors, personal spin pattern, chakra energy allocation and more
  • Getting your space in such a way that shifts your ability to see and know yourself and then being able to validate that

How It Works

The training is 14 months and is held for two hours, once a month, one-to-one in an online private session with the teacher.  

In these sessions, you will generally be in a deep meditative state for 90 minutes, so being able to and continuing to meditate 30 minutes a day while in this training is critical.

You are encouraged to read with other students who are in the one-to-one program and the teacher will facilitate intros and topics to look at.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the year-long Clairvoyant Training and a minimum of one to two years of advanced graduate trainings.

Rolling admission, you can join this training at any time.

Tuition: $400/month for 14 months

Trance Medium Training


The Trance Medium training takes you on an exploration of the out-of-body experience with the intention of gaining conscious awareness of this space. You likely know what it’s like to be out of the body unconsciously – people tend to do that most of the time. In this training, you’ll work with the vibration of white to change perspectives and heal yourself. When you learn how to work out of the body in this vibration, it allows you to clear old behaviors, pictures and patterns in a new way.

The training is broken out into two levels. The Beginning training is two-years long and slowly guides you into working with the new vibration and healing form. The Advanced training is three-years long and focuses on the skill of channeling to take healing to a whole new level.

In the first two years you will learn and explore:

  • The mechanics of “going to white”
  • Running trance medium energy (the white loop)
  • Using the white loop to transform pictures & energy
  • Going in and out of your body
  • Anchor points
  • Pain Ridge Healings
  • Trance medium Energy Checks
  • Finding Neutrality & releasing competition with healees and beings
  • How to recognize trance-mediumship in your family & yourself
  • How to recognize trance-mediums in the world around you
  • To say hello to trace medium energy with neutrality, amusement and seniority
  • Past-life agreements and religious experiences that impact your trance medium levels
  • Understanding different kinds of beings and how they affect healing: gurus, angels, healing beings, low vibration beings, baby beings, gods and goddesses, to name a few

In years three through five, you’ll learn and explore

  • To use clairvoyance to see and work with a being
  • To locate and communicate with beings that you have affinity for
  • To make an agreement and set boundaries to channel a being in a safe, supported environment
  • To change agreements with beings that are no longer serving you
  • To be a conscious versus un-conscious healer
  • To be in charge of the process of channeling
  • To take seniority over your own trance mediumship and the programming in your body to channel certain energies.
  • To clear out the beings channeled as well as the one not fit to channel
  • To own more of your own information as a healer and a spirit with a body
  • To own your creativity and creative space separate from beings that want to create through you
  • To control a line of channelers, allowing you to gain seniority over beings
  • To get free of past /present time guru /spiritual teachers and free others

How It Works

Class takes place via phone two times a month from 6-7:30 p.m. PT on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

As part of the training fee, you are able to join several Healing Clinics via phone or Zoom throughout the month. This is where you can practice what you’ve learned with other students in the training.

The training is taught by Cody Edner, who has more than two decades of experience teaching Trance Medium information. 

Prerequisites: Completion of the year-long Clairvoyant Training plus at least one year of advanced graduated training such as Women’s Clairvoyant Training, Astral Training or Spiritual Autonomy. It’s not so much the type of class you take; it’s more that you spend another year getting your space at an advanced level before the TM training. 

 This training offers rolling admission and can be started at any time, as long as you’ve completed the prerequisites. Please reach out to Shannon directly to inquire.

Tuition: $200/month

Women’s Clairvoyant Training

Starts January 2023

The year-long Women’s Clairvoyant Training gives you a chance to explore your energy, information and pictures about being a spirit in a female body in this lifetime. To be able to look clairvoyantly at the tremendous amount of programming you receive, which guides and defines your path, is an extraordinary journey. To be able to start to clear that programming and find your truth about who you really are as a woman in a lifetime is a profound one.

In Level 1, you’ll explore:

  • The female body’s programming and how to get your space with it
  • Your mockups to be a women in this lifetime and how that connects to your past life karma
  • Your relationship with your parents and how that effects the energy you run in your female body
  • Female Competition and resetting your agenda
  • The female cycle and your communication with your female hormonal body
  • How to unmatch from other women on the planet as well as the female pain cycle
  • Owning your own sexuality and deprogramming your sexual space
  • Clearing trauma
  • Redefining your value and setting yourself as center in all things
  • Running your female creative energy and getting safe with being ‘seen’

How It Works

Each level consists of 20 classes that take place Mondays from 5:40 – 8:00 p.m. PST

Labs will take place on Wednesdays from 5:40-7:00 p.m. PST

Level 1 starts weekly from January 9th – June 5th 2023

All classes will happen over Zoom and are taught by Shannon and staff

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the year-long Clairvoyant Training

Tuition: Level 1 $400/month for 6 months 

Astral Training

Starts July 2023

This year-long training is focused on bringing consciousness to your dream space and the part of you that is connected to it, your Astral Body. The Astral Realm is incredibly important – this is where you create as a spirit before you bring what you create into the body. Due to karma, spiritual controls or past agreements, you can become limited and oppressed in your ability to dream. And yet dreaming is our most powerful creative ability. Over the course of the training, you’ll learn to free yourself from the weight of these energies so that you can dream again and bring those dreams into your physical reality.

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.”

-Jonas Salk

“If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true?”

-Oscar Hammerstein

In Level 1 of this training, we’ll explore:

  • How to work with your Astral body both in and out of the Astral Realm
  • The technique for Lucid Dreaming and traversing the Astral Plane
  • Astral Body Healings that you can give to yourself and others
  • How to create a healing sanctuary for yourself on the Astral
  • Visiting the Cathedral of the Souls
  • Working with the Akashic Records to integrate and heal karmic patterns
  • Clearing agreements and trauma that effect your ability to make your dreams real
  • Personal Power in relationship to your Astral Body

In Level 2 of this training, we’ll explore:

  • The technique of Astral Projection
  • Using Astral Travel to explore other worlds
  • Working with Sound in the Cosmos as a healing vibration
  • Working with high-level healing beings on the Astral
  • Using the Astral Body to increase your creativity and vision
  • Learning a new healing form: “The Creativity Healing”
  • Working with the 8th chakra to align your dreams to your life purpose

How It Works:

Each level is comprised of 20 classes. Level 1 will run July-Dec and there will be a weekly class and lab (days/times tbd)

The class will be taught by Shannon and staff

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the year-long Clairvoyant Training

Tuition: Level 1 $400/month for 6 months (12 months of payments if you take the full year)

Email Shannon with any questions

Teacher’s Training


“The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.”

–Alexandra K. Trenfor

The Teacher’s Training was specifically created for students who have a mockup to teach psychic information in the style and method taught at the school and want to explore and develop this skill in a structured program.

As a student in the Clairvoyant Training, you primarily enter into a 6th chakra growth period (clairvoyance; your ability to see). The teaching growth period is primarily a 7th chakra one (claircognizance; your ability to connect with your own answers or ability to know) and is one of exponential growth.

The intention of the Teachers Training is to help you open up and connect more deeply to the part of you that has your own answers. The goal is to give you the certainty, seniority and resources to become a teacher in your own right. This is meant to be a fun, validating journey that supports your growth as a teacher, leader and healer in the global community. By learning how to validate students’ psychic and healing abilities and experiences, you become more capable yourself.

How It Works

This is an 18-month training (duration depends on any previous teaching experience) and also depends on the student’s mockups for this step.

This training includes both one-on-one time with Shannon, the opportunity to work with other teachers at the school as well as group sessions with other students in the training. The full commitment is outlined in the agreement and reviewed in the enrollment meeting.

Because of the intense commitment and energy required from both sides, Shannon only takes on a small group of teachers-in-training at a time, so while it’s based on rolling admission, there may be a waitlist to enter the program.

You are welcome to take this concurrently with another advanced graduate training, such as Women’s, Astral or Spiritual Autonomy. There is a discount offered if you’re taking more than one year-long full-time training at the school.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the year-long Clairvoyant Training, plus additional requirements.

There is an interview process to begin the Teacher’s Training.

Tuition: $400/month for 18 months

To inquire about Private Training, Coaching, or Consulting, please fill out the form below.

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