Shannon has spent the past 17 years studying, learning, growing and teaching in the intuitive space. Her passion for making sixth-sense abilities relatable to anyone who wants to connect more deeply to their own energy led her to starting her own intuitive center. Prior to this, Shannon spent several years teaching at two other schools going back to 2007.  Shannon began her career in global business, ultimately leading global marketing teams at both startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. While that part of her journey was fun, challenging and rewarding, she knew that she wanted to connect to the deepest parts of herself – emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  That led her down a new path and purpose – the one she’s on now that couple’s vision with insight and energy with awareness. Shannon’s natural ability to make intuitive concepts easily understandable has attracted thousands of students and clients from around the world to her teachings, readings and healings.


I started out adult life as an attorney and have worn many hats including consultant, entrepreneur, HR professional, and now part-time expatriate. I’ve been a professional clairvoyant teacher, reader, and healer since 1996. When I first took an energy class, I didn’t know what I was getting into… but it was transformative… and I have been working with energy ever since. It was a challenge going from the empirical, reasoning mindset of a lawyer to the spiritual perspective of a psychic, and I have encountered and conquered numerous hurdles on my journey.

I teach energy work from the most basic classes to the most advanced. I love working with students to create safe spaces for learning and healing, and marvel at how people grow when given the opportunity.


Growing up I always thought that everyone felt each other’s emotions. Being an empath and medium is not an everyday occurrence for most folks. When I found a psychic school and began to understand and use my psychic abilities my life changed. I now assist others, be it in a session or in a class, to connect to the psychic part of themselves. 

I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs and creatives. The arts have always had a way of moving me (said every empath ever). When I’m out in the world I love spending time outdoors amongst large trees and the ocean. If it was up to my cat I would be by his side all day; he is a cuddle machine.


I grew up on the East Coast and was always a truth seeker, starting my spiritual journey by learning Western Astrology. I had several psychic experiences as a child, but being ultra-sensitive and using intuition was not something that was celebrated or encouraged where I was from. I hid my true self from the world for most of my adolescence until I ended up finding clairvoyant energy work that changed my life. Now, it is my privilege and passion to teach this practice to others who want to regain control over their lives and find their purpose at Spirit.

In my professional reading practice, I guide clients in all areas, but specialize in relationships – romantic, family, friendships, colleagues – as well as helping people move forward in their own creative pursuits.


I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to make radical changes in my life because of the growth stimulated by psychic readings and classes. Most recently, I returned from a ten-month adventure traveling and working on farms around the world. Before my psychic journey, I would never have thought this kind of experience was possible for me.

There is so much potential in each of us for change and adventure and discovery. Receiving a reading or taking a class is a way to make more space for what is fun, playful and rich in our lives and to actualize the dreams that we hold in our hearts.

In my professional reading practice I take great delight in seeing others at spirit, and translating the magical and mysterious into something that can find a solid footing in the physical world.


I realize now that I was a psychic kid, but for a lot of my childhood all I felt was lonely, wrong, & unseen. I believe this is an experience shared by many and it’s why I’m so passionate about guiding others along this path. Learning psychic tools & exploring the world of energy led me back to my greatest asset—myself. With years of psychic study & teaching in my back pocket, I spent the last year infusing what I’ve learned into my everyday life—through my relationships & creative projects. It’s a true joy watching a student light up a newfound awareness and I’m excited to be back. 

In my spare time I can be found sitting near the river in my backyard—finding magic in nature and with animals—endlessly dreaming.


Cody is an intuitive reader, healer and medium who has teaching intuitive awareness for over 30 years. He has done tens of thousands of energy readings and taught thousands more to meditate and tap into their intuitive abilities.

He currently travels and teaches advanced intuitive training programs, workshops and seminars. Cody first awakened to his intuitive gifts when he was 14 years old while watching his aunt receive a psychic reading. He suddenly realized that he was “reading along” with the psychic, having the same awareness and insights as the reader. After that experience, Cody began to study meditation and metaphysics deeply. Even today, he continues to explore, learn and teach about what it means to be psychic.

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