Women's Intuition & Healing

The Women’s Intuition & Healing course is all about empowering you to take charge of your own female energy, intuition and creativity – by getting more conscious to them, tapping into them, creating more permission for them and running them.

A core foundation to working with female energy is learning the technique of female grounding. This is an incredibly powerful tool that will help you start to separate out from everyone else’s answers about what it means to be safe in a female body in this lifetime.

Working with these core concepts will bring a new richness and deeper relationship to you working as a spirit in a female body in this lifetime.

In Level 1, you’ll learn how to:

  • Access, turn on and run your female energy
  • Create a female grounding
  • Connect and work with a female healing guide
  • Energetically heal your female body, replenish and nurture yourself
  • Work the energy of receptivity and manifestation so that you can attract what you want in life
  • Clear judgement energetically that you handle in this lifetime
  • Find your own Body Wellness vibration
  • Validate and celebrate your unique feminine energy
  • Learn how guilt and responsibility can set the tone for a woman in a way that she’s unconscious to and clear it

In Level 2, you’ll explore:

  • Start to work the energy of female competition
  • Get seniority as a woman in female and male groups
  • Clear effort in your ability to create
  • Clear the demand to fix and solve
  • Work the energy of fun as a way of changing the tone in your life
  • Learn how to communicate with neutrality and amusement
  • Start to look at who or what defines your self worth
  • Get clear on how you get validated as a woman
  • Learning how to get your space with “Standing out” vs. “Fitting in”

How it Works:

Women’s Intuition & Healing is broken into two five-week classes and will be offered several times throughout the year and taught by Sheyla de Jesus.

Level 1 & 2 do not need to happen consecutively; you can choose Level 2 at any time, even if it’s months later.

Each class is 90 minutes and takes place live online via Zoom

We ask that you be in a quiet space, seated in a chair
(not outside, in a café or car).

Classes are recorded if you miss a class; it will stay posted
during the duration of the five-week class.

Prerequisite: Psychic Meditation and Energy Healing I
Tuition: $400 per level

If you have questions, please contact Sheyla De Jesus

REFUND POLICY: You can cancel at any time up until the start of the first class with no penalty and secure a full refund. Once class starts, there are no refunds given.
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