Kundalini has been written about for thousands of years in many different cultures and religions. And yet, there are still so many misconceptions about what it really is and how to tap into it. Simply put, Kundalini is a life force energy that when activated, can be an incredibly powerful healing energy for the body.

This course simplifies and demystifies Kundalini, using energy awareness and tools as the guide. You’ll learn to harness your Kundalini energy in a safe yet fun environment and create a deeper connection to your own body, mind and spirit in the process.

In this course, you’ll explore:

  • Where Kundalini is generated from and how to consciously sense and engage it
  • How to turn your Kundalini on and more importantly, how to turn it back off
  • The primary and secondary Kundalini channels, how to clear them and use them
  • How to work with different Kundalini vibrations in the body
  • How to amplify and direct your own Kundalini
  • How Kundalini effects men and women differently
  • How to use Kundalini to heal the body systems, senses and emotions
  • Kundalini as a healing to body-spirit communication
  • How to use it as a powerful healing in your life

How it Works:

The online class is 5-weeks long, 90 minutes each week and is taught by Shannon Swallow.

The class takes place live online via Zoom

We ask that you be in a quiet space, seated in a chair
(not outside, in a café or car).

Classes are recorded if you miss a class; it will stay posted
during the duration of the five-week class.

Prerequisite: Psychic Meditation
Tuition: $400 per level

If you have questions,
please email Shannon

REFUND POLICY: You can cancel at any time up until the start of the first class with no penalty and secure a full refund. Once class starts, there are no refunds given.
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