Intuitive Business Coaching & Consulting

When you’re looking for insight, experience counts.

For 23 years, my career was in the business sector, where I worked my way up to become a operating-level executive with startups and Fortune 500 companies. My roles had me leading global marketing teams and mentoring employees alike. These organizations hired me to come in during key moments of change and I helped them make the key decisions to take them to the next level. Meanwhile, I had discovered intuitive studies and the incredible power of using insight when making important decisions—in both business and life. I was quick to pair my intuitive skills with my business acumen, and the results were pivotal. Over the course of my 18 years in this intuitive space, I’ve gone on to build and successfully scale my own intuitive business—serving thousands of clients from around the world—and have helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs and business leaders find clarity in their own critical moments of transformation and growth.

While most coaches provide motivation and action plans, many of them don’t have the relatable business background nor the practiced intuitive abilities to back it all up. I’m in the unique position to offer both for my coaching & consulting clients, giving them a multifaceted experience that has them looking at achieving success from all angles.

For creators and entrepreneurs looking to move forward with CERTAINTY.


I’ve met many professionals and business leaders who are ready for change, but unsure about how that looks or where to start. The answer? Longer-term intuitive collaboration and support. This type of work sets an overall tone of momentum and change on a month-to-month basis, bringing an opportunity for growth and transformation that’s unmatched.

In my six-month Intuitive Coaching program, I pair intuition with collaborative discussion and goal setting to focus on you and your future. Using insight, I’ll help you discover how to make things better in your current situation or when it’s time to move on from the status quo and make a change.

Intuitive Coaching includes:

  • (1) Upfront 90-minute deep dive session
  • (2) 90-minute sessions per month 
  • Session roadmapping and ‘take home’ deliverables
  • Access to selected recorded workshops & classes
  • $4,000/month, 6-12 month commitment

All coaching sessions are held on the phone or online via Zoom, as per client preference. Please note: We start with a free consult call to discuss goals and ensure a good fit. Please reach out  and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Intuitive Business

When the traditional way of looking at your company’s situation isn’t giving you the answers you’re looking for, try a different approach. Whether your title is Owner, CEO or your a business leader, I’ll pair my executive business background with my years of intuitive expertise to delve into all angles of your company and bring you the valuable business insight you need.

Intuitive Business Consulting gives you ongoing support in month-to-month increments and is tailored specifically to your business’s current situation. Using an intuitive lens, I look at all aspects of your organization from the macro of vision and strategy for your five-year plan to the micro of resume reading & key hires. By seeing the energy of every part of your company, I help you identify gaps and give you the tools to evaluate options, solve problems, and change your business’s outlook.

Intuitive Business Coaching includes:

  • Retainer-based support that can be structured in different ways depending on company needs
  • Retainers start at $10,000/month

All sessions are held on the phone or online via Zoom, as per client preference. Please note: I will not take on competing clients within the same industry and my consulting interactions are to generally be with one person only. We start with a free consult call to discuss goals and ensure a good fit.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

– Rumi

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