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Welcome to your next step in intuitive development

When someone starts opening up to the spiritual or psychic part of themselves, it can be really confusing. Gut feelings, intuition, visions – how do you know what to do with them? Taking psychic development courses can offer a clear path to learning about all of the senses in a safe and fun environment.

First, you’ll start with a foundation: learning tools in our online Meditation class that will help you sense and perceive energy in a new way. Once you take this class, you can move on to the online Clairvoyant Training where you learn to read energy.

We’ll be posting and offering new classes and trainings regularly in the upcoming months so be sure to come back and check them out!

Five-Week Classes



Psychic Meditation is our foundational class and the prerequisite for all other five-week classes at the school. It presents tools and techniques that teach you how to recognize, discern and clear energy — resulting in you becoming more confident and certain with your own intuitive abilities.


Energy Healing teaches you the foundational tools around giving an energy healing to yourself and others – by using your hand chakras as well as working with healing guides. These are technique-focused classes that help you navigate your own wellness at body and spirit.

You’ll continue to expand your toolkit in working with energy and owning your space in Advanced Meditation. You’ll learn how to clear and reset your chakras, cut cords, clear resistance and how to work at a deeper more connected level to your higher self in all things.

As a woman, you have our own unique anatomy, vibration and emotional makeup. These classes teach you how to reconnect with and own your female energy as a creative healing force in this lifetime so that you can attract and manifest your mockups in a new way.

This class focuses on healing the body through energy work. You’ll learn to heal the different systems in the body and at a cellular level both with and without a body healing guide. 

Kundalini is a powerful healing force. You’ll learn how to facilitate your own “Kundalini Awakening’ by working with your psychic tools to turn on and run your Kundalini energy.

This class focuses on the the skill of Telepathy to open up the channels of communication with your animal friends. You’ll learn how to connect in a real, more meaningful way that will facilitate deeper understanding and growth. 

Training Programs

Online Clairvoyant Training



While the foundation of the Clairvoyant Training is to teach you how to see and read energy, it offers so much more. When you turn on this ability (6th chakra, third eye, clairvoyance, your vision – whatever you want to call it), it not only allows you to read other people, you start to get to see yourself too. In doing that, you start to connect with your spirit, get a sense of who you really are and align and reconnect with your true path in this lifetime. This training is an incredible step in connecting mind, body and spirit.


Begins January 2023

This year-long graduate training explores the wonderful world of being a spirit in a female body in this lifetime. This training offers a deep dive into female creative energy, programming, symbolism and mysticism and is a profound validation to the power of being a woman.

Begins July 2023

This graduate training explores the power of your dream space and what it means to make your dreams real in the body. When you are able to consciously work the energy of the part of you that dreams, you can bring a whole new level of mockups to life.


This advanced graduate study takes place in a 1:1 format and is focused on bringing all that is you as spirit into your personal awareness. This deep spiritual integration further aligns you to your spiritual goals and purpose and makes you center in all things.


This advanced graduate training teaches you how to consciously work out of the body so that you can get free of spiritual controls, deepen your relationship to spirit and create a new healing relationship with your body.


For students who have a mockup to teach and deepen their relationship to the information taught at the school, this eighteen-month program offers a deep dive into the 7th chakra and is a catalyst for immense spiritual growth.

Workshops & Bootcamps

January 7th, 2023  

Kick off the New Year with Energy Work that clears out the old and brings in the new for 2023. 


“Signing up for Clairvoyant training, I had a lot of expectations and ideas around the word “psychic.”  I was thinking that the training would make me psychic, and afterwards I would be in a state of perpetually reading people’s desires, their past, their destinies. I thought I would find everyone else’s answer.  Quite simply, all of my pictures of what it is to be psychic revolved around other people and solving their problems.  What the training turned out to be was very different, though no less magical.  I found out that I was the stranger in my own life.  That I had been carrying around all kinds of things that didn’t even belong to me.  That never belonged to me.  I started to find my own energy somewhere along the way, and I realized that there wasn’t anything wrong with it, that it wasn’t a problem that needed to be solved.  The cool thing is that as I started to tap into myself, and started to come into myself, the magic started to indeed happen.  I did read people’s desires, pasts, and destinies.  It just didn’t look anything like how I had imagined it.  It turned out to be much better.” –Nathan

“I used to be one of those people who lost their keys twice a week and couldn’t remember where the (fill in the blank) is when I needed it most. One of the biggest gifts the clairvoyant trainings has given me is the ability to know what I need to know in the moment, without having to write long lists, create new systems, or berate myself for not remembering all the details. This is a side effect of something much larger: inhabiting my life and my body more fully and getting to enjoy the ease and delight that comes with being present and trusting myself.” –Norina

“I thought the Clairvoyant Training would be full of theory and that it would take months and months to actually start performing readings and learning new skills related to readings. Within a few classes we were learning all the basics of reading and after only 3-4 months in the program I felt very confident in the skills that Shannon has taught us so far. I’ve honestly been looking for mentors and a program like this my whole life and I feel like I’ve found my “home.” I will say that this program has already positively impacted my life and business in many ways that were unexpected…so the money I’ve spent has been well worth it.” –Anna
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